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Windmill Water Pumps specializes in supplying the most cost effective and efficient windmill solutions in North America to ensure your pond and/or well water gets to where you need it to go and remains healthy and clean in the process.

Windmill Aeration Systems and Windmill Water Pumps are an excellent combination to keep your water fresh and clean. We make sure that you have water at the right place with absolutely no ongoing operating expense.

Superior Windmills and Koenders Windmills are the best quality and lowest priced manufacturers of windmill water aeration and windmill water pump solutions in the world; providing farmers, residential pond owners and commercial users with environmentally friendly, innovative solutions to keep your water healthy and clean.

Independent studies have proven that windmill aeration systems keep ponds healthy and clean. Windmill water pumps have been around for decades and have proven themselves as an extremely effective means to pump water.

At we offer windmills to aerate water, windmills to pump water and a special windmill package that aerates and pumps water at the same time.

New Product – Backyard Windmill Kit
Koenders Backyard Windmill Kit – new options for the backyard small pond owners.

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