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Water Pumps

Windmill Water Pumps offers a selection of two Pumps for both the Superior Windmill units and the Koenders Windmills.

The windmill water pumps are ideal for livestock watering, irrigation of crops, water tank fills, river flow effect for residential pond decoration and other personal use.

These water pumps have been specifically designed to work with Superior and Koenders Windmills.

Please read the independent studies of how fresh water delivery to a trough increases the health and production of your livestock. Excellent weight gains are noted in independent studies for all breeds of cattle. Water quality water results in approximately 23% increase in beef cattle weight gain.

If Superior Windmill and Koenders Windmills can do this for Cattle, then for personal use it is sure to have an impact on our health.

A Superior or Koenders VT-6 Water Pump
(Dia. 6-1/4″ x 60″ L)

These water pumps are vertically submersible and are designed for horizontal implementations in runs from river water of at least 6 feet deep or water wells.

These water pumps are enclosed in a PVC Casing, built with brass check valves to reduce rusting and has only 3 moving parts to ensure high reliability and low maintenance.

VT 6 produces up to:
Lift Litres U.S. Gal. Minutes
10 ft. 12.2 3.2 1
20 ft. 9.6 2.5 1
30 ft. 7.3 1.9 1
40 ft. 5.1 1.4 1

Superior and Koenders SW-16 Water Pump
(Dia. 9″ x 22″ L)

These water pumps have been designed to function in water and ponds as shallow as 2 Ft. These are horizontal water pumps with the ability to send water to where it is needed in a quick and cost effective manner. With very little moving parts and brass valves these water pumps have very low maintenance and high reliability. Combined with the Windmill units they make for an extremely efficient and cost effective solution to transporting water from where it is to where it needs to be.

VT 6 produces up to:
Lift Litres U.S. Gal. Minutes
10 ft. 11 2.9 1
20 ft. 8.8 2.3 1
30 ft. 6.6 1.8 1
40 ft. 4.3 1.1 1

Windmill Unit Product Specifications:


  • Tower height is 12 foot, 16 foot or 20 foot
  • Stance of base is 61″ for the 12-foot tower or 97″ for the 20-foot tower
  • Research has shown that the winds are 20-30% stronger at the 20 ft height thus generating more oxygen for your pond


  • Koenders Upwind turbine is 65″ in diameter
  • Superior’s Upwind turbine is 70” in diameter


  • Fan blades, hub, tail and stand are manufactured from galvanized steel.
  • The hub assembly and compressor are pre-assembled and welded at the factory to assist with ease of installation and proper operation of the moving parts. A strong, pre-welded hub minimizes noise and vibration of all moving components of your windmill aeration system.


  • Is comprised of a direct drive system with a diaphragm stroke of 9/16″ in the transmission adding to the performance of our windmill aeration systems
  • Automatic and Self-Regulating – In Extreme wind conditions – over speed is controlled by the turbine furling out of the wind as required

Approximate Weights:

  • Tower 12′ = 193 lbs.
  • Tower 16′= 220 lbs.
  • Tower 20′ = 271 lbs.

Performance Specifications:

  • Max air psi 207 Kpa (30psi)

Volume of Air Produced:

  • Due to advanced construction of both the Koenders and Superior Windmill Aeration systems they are able to operate in winds as low as 4-5mph.
  • Koenders’ Single cylinder pump : 90 cfH or 1.5 cfm @ 9 Mph
  • Superior’s Dual cylinder pump (Turbo Jet Stream): 180 cfH or 3.0-4.0 cfm@ 9Mph


  • 18-36 month manufacturer warranty on all parts.

Windmill Accessories:

Air Diffuser Kit

WWP Special Offer

9′ inch self cleaning air diffuser kit is used to increase your aeration efficiency, built in foot valve, the air diffuser unit effectively diffuses the air at the bottom of the pond. The air diffusion system can increase oxygen transfer rates by more than 3 times the normal rate by breaking the air down into smaller bubbles. The kit comes with 100 FT of high-end PVC hose.

Freeze Control Unit

WWP Special Offer

Freeze Control Kit is a self-regulating system that protects against line freeze and blockage by monitoring line pressure at all times. when ice is detected in the line, the spring loaded valve at the bottom of the freeze control tank opens releasing a small amount of non toxic alcohol based substance into the line, as needed allowing the line to clear. Once the line clears the pressure is released causing the valve to close again and operation resumes.

Koenders LD 1.5 Small Pond Electric Aerator

Koenders LD 1.5 Small Pond Electric Aerator, manufactured to the same top quality as Koenders larger electric aerators, this smaller version is designed for the small backyard fish or decorative pond. The LD 1.5 can be used regardless of wind access.

  • Can be used in problem ponds where conditions require continuous 24 hour aeration
  • For ponds up to 8′ deep
  • Light weight of only 25 pounds
  • Produces up to 1.5 CFM at a depth of 8’
  • Kit package includes 50′ of regular pvc air line, 25′ self sinking air line and a newly designed Airstone
  • UL approved for use outdoors
  • One year warranty

Nature’s Pond Conditioner

Nature’s Pond Conditioner Inc. uses a complete all natural blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and microbes that enhances your pond water with out the use of  toxic pond chemicals.

By using this all natural pond conditioner that not only includes beneficial bacteria and enzymes but also a food grade pond dye your pond is then armed with the right natural vitamins to fend off non-beneficial organic debris that exists in your pond and that can cause pond stagnation.

Natures Pond Conditioner combined with aeration is the most effective and environmentally friendly way to keep or restore your pond back to health.

Distributed by Koenders Windmills and Superior Windmill Inc. – leading manufacturers of windmill aeration systems that promote environmentally friendly and sustainable approaches to pond care.

Pond Aeration and Nature’s Pond Conditioner will yield best results.   

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